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About Us

We add value to your search for a dream job in ways that big agencies just can’t match. The service to you is free. Our reimbursement comes from our trusted network of employers once you are placed in a position.

Why we are the industry leaders

  • we make the time to get to know you
  • we use our years of experience to match your requirements to the complicated Australian and New Zealand medical system
  • we consistently deliver high paying real positions through our extensive network of clinics and hospitals; and
  • we won’t leave you hanging and wondering like some other agencies. The first day of contact is the first day that we start working towards placing you in a suitable position

What we do best – medical recruitment, visa and medical registration service, including

  • Getting the job – matching candidates to employers through our medical job database
  • Supporting the interview process – arranging interviews, face to face meetings, teleconferences and/or other forms of interview
  • Making the deal work for you – management of contract negotiations between candidate and employer, e.g. percentage of billing, hours, starting dates and duration
  • Managing the red tape – matching candidates to positions that meet national and state regulations, management of Qualification Verification, Medical Registration, Nursing registration, Immigration and Medicare Provider Number Processes

Changing jobs is more than just finding the right employer

In addition to the recruitment and medical registration services mentioned above, our holistic approach includes considering your family situation. This is why we offer a number of additional services:

  • information about schools in the receiving area
  • support to find appropriate housing
  • Ongoing support and assistance

Addressing the concerns of the whole family and meeting their needs ensures the long-term success of the relocation – and this is what we are aiming at. [Meet our team] [What our clients are saying] [Why use a recruiter] [Contact us]

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