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Jenny Ingloff, Founder & Director – A brief CV

In 2007 Jenny founded Astermedical after years of working for government and private sector migration organisations and having herself studied lived and worked in many countries including Israel, Cuba, South Africa the United Kingdom and Australia. Far from her native Skane in Southern Sweden Jenny now lives in Canberra and is the proud mother of three young children. Jenny is also proud of the holistic approach to the services she has developed at Aster Medical. Her academic career spans a master’s degree on the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission with support from the Swedish International Development Fund and a degree in political science from Lund’s University. Her professional career started at the Department of Immigration in Sweden and was later followed by her own relocation to Australia in 2003. In Australia Jenny became a registered migration agent and policy advisor for the Australian Catholic Bishop’s Conference. Here Jenny worked as an advocate for expanded migrant rights and liaison with Commonwealth Government Minister’s and Agencies including the Australian Department of Immigration.

Jenny talks about Aster Medical:

When I first started Aster Medical the feedback was surprising. My clients, the GP clinics and GP candidates –  made it clear very early on that although I was a smaller operator, I was getting a very high percentage of quality candidates and matching  high percentage of placements. The question was why? Some answers were more obvious than others. Unlike many of the bigger medical recruiters, the candidates who came to Aster Medical were not sitting around waiting for a result. People were not wasting their time  – they were applying, interviews were organised and contracts agreed. It all seemed very natural. Of course I enjoyed the fast pace of the negotiations. I was making lasting professional networks with quality clinics and hospitals. And of course, I was putting in the long hours like all proud business owners. Clearly, hard work pays off, but what was less clear at the start was just how much all of the other skills I brought to the table made all the difference. The full answer was a real eye opener. Again and again the story I got from my past candidates and my growing professional network of private GP clinics and hospitals was that Aster Medical excelled at offering a total service, which made the deal work for everyone – the doctor or nurse, the family, the clinic or hospital, as well as all the other associated agents who provide migration, medical registration, and financial. And every day I wake up my first thought remains – how can I make the service even better the next time, and the next time. Perhaps I’m a little compulsive.  I know I’m very competitive.  I also know I’m driven as a migrant myself  in a land of migrants, to use my experiences and professional skills to help you and your family’s  transition to a new job and country as easy  and rewarding as possible.

Anthony Richards, Business Development Manager

Anthony is responsible for strategic planning and development as well as fostering relationships with employers across Australia. He gained his organisational skills through appointments in the Australian Commonwealth Government (including The Australian Department of Immigration) and various overseas appointments in the public sector. Anthony has worked for private industry in Great Britain and Sweden and brings to Aster Medical a sharp eye for detail and drive to make Aster Medical the permanent market leader in GP and medical recruitment.


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