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GP Income in Australia

Because we specialize in GPs we can add value to your search for a dream job in ways that big agencies just can’t match. We offer placements at high quality clinics across Australia thanks to our reputation as an industry leader in the recruitment of quality GP medical professionals. Australian GPs enjoy very high earning potentials. For a 40 hour week with no out of hours seing 32 patients per day, you can expect earning around AU$200,000 – AU$300,000 per annum. This number can increase depending on the number of extra hours or after hours work performed. Other factors that have an impact on your wage include: area of practice, type of work undertaken, private or bulk billing, hospital work and whether you are a practice owner, employee or contractor. In most GP positions, you work as an Independent Contractor. As a contractor you are self-employed and thus responsible for paying your own tax and superannuation.

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