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GP Salary New Zealand

Learn more about doctors’ salaries and working conditions in New Zealand

Specialising in GP jobs across Australia and New Zealand, Aster Medical can provide you with comprehensive information on the average GP salaries, hospital doctor salaries and expected tax rates in New Zealand.

In New Zealand, it is the Government who sets the medical salaries which means that doctors are being paid the same amount for any particular job across New Zealand. GPs tend to earn between NZ$120,000 and NZ$185,000.

How much you will be paid will depend on:

  • How many hours you will be working per week
  • The number of postgraduate years you have worked for

Working conditions are very favourable in New Zealand in comparison, offering more study and annual leave, as well as fewer working hours for a better work/life balance.

Medical Salaries in New Zealand

Seniority Approximate Basic Salary (NZ $) Estimated Salary after Average Overtime (NZ $)
Resident / SHO 70,000 85,000
Registrar 85,000 100,000
General Practitioner 120,000 – 160,000 130,000 – 185,000
Consultant (Specialist) 150,000 – 230,000 180,000 – 260,000

Tax Rates in New Zealand

Salaries in NZ are attractive with low taxation (the tax rate is currently capped at 33%).

Taxable Income (NZ$) Tax Payable (NZ$)
0$ – $14,000 10.5%
$14001 – $48,000 $1,470 + 17.5% of excess over $14,000
$48,001 – $70,000 $7,420 + 30% of excess over $48,001
$70,001 + $14,020 + 33% of excess over $70,000

For more information on the average doctor salaries or medical jobs currently available in New Zealand, view our listings online or contact us on 1300 767 473 today!

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