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Family and Quality of Life

Australia for many people is the country of their dreams – and for good reason. It offers political stability, high incomes and a signature laid-back lifestyle as well as fascinating wildlife, pristine landscapes and a fabulous climate.

Australians are welcoming of people from other countries and cultures, making Australia one of the most multicultural nations in the world. Crime rates are low and in more rural areas you will still find most of the people leaving their back doors open at night.

As a modern, developed nation, Australia offers the full range of cultural and educational facilities and they are accessible to everyone. No wonder that Australia’s major cities (e.g. Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide) regularly rank at the top in surveys looking at the most livable cities of the world, especially in terms of cultural offerings and quality of life.


When it comes to finding the right schools for your children, you can choose between a well-equipped public school system and a broad range of private education options. Australia also prides itself on having a number of world-class universities. In the latest Times Higher Education World University Ranking, seven Australian universities were named among the world’s top higher education institutions.

Your spouse’s needs

Over the last few decades, the classic family model has changed significantly. While in the past the husband pursued his career while the wife stayed at home and looked after the children, today there are all sorts of different options: two incomes no kids, both parents working, career woman and stay-at-home dad … everything is possible!

Whichever model best describes your situation – if you are planning to move overseas as a family, your spouse’s needs should be addressed as well. We know that your job will have the best chance of long term success when all members of your family are included in the transition.

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